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Having a pet is a rewarding and loving experience. Our pets are members of our family, and we provide them with all our love and attention. But sometimes, we lack the time to care for them properly. Professional and personal obligations can take over our free time, and our pets may then get bored or suffer from loneliness. This is where pet sitting among individuals can be a practical and effective solution. Free ads for pet sitting among individuals are a tailor-made response to your needs. Whether you are looking for a pet-sitter or you are an experienced pet-sitter, our platform is here to help you find the ideal solution for your pet. Ads are classified by type of animal (dog, cat, bird, etc.), geographical area, and type of care (at home, at the pet-sitter's, etc.). You can easily find the care that best suits your needs.
If you are an experienced pet-sitter, you can offer your pet sitting services among individuals. As a pet-sitter, you can provide a warm and comfortable environment for the animal while giving it the attention and affection it needs. You can also offer regular walks and games to stimulate the animal and keep it healthy. You can make yourself known by posting an ad on our platform and thus help pet owners find a suitable care solution. If you are looking for a pet-sitter, our platform is here to help you find the ideal care for your pet. You can browse the available ads, discuss with potential pet-sitters, and choose the one that best meets your needs. Pet sitting among individuals is a practical and economical option that allows your pet to stay in a familiar and comfortable environment while receiving the necessary attention and care.
Pet sitting among individuals is a practical and effective solution for taking care of your pet when you lack time or availability. Our free ad platform makes it easy to find an experienced pet-sitter or to offer your care services. Do not hesitate to explore this option to provide your pet with the attention and care it deserves.

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    Offrir des aides

    Bonjour, je suis actuellement diplômée du baccalauréat, je suis une passionnée des animaux et j’aimerais en faire mon métier , je possède un chien, un chat, et un calopsite. J’ai 17ans, je suis très...

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    kimberley , Liévin

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    Je garde vos animaux

    Bonjour je garde vos animaux tous l’été sauf chiens,Chat,serpent n’ésitez pas à me contacter

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    Khadim , Ablon-sur-Seine

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    Garde d’animaux

    Passionné depuis toujours des animaux et souhaitant trouver un job étudiant intéressant et enrichissant, je serais très heureuse de pouvoir vous accompagner dans une aide quelconque pour votre animal.

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    Lisa , Le Mans

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    Coucouning d'animaux

    Bonjour je me prénomme Morgane je suis étudiante en micromécanique de précision je réside sur la commune de Muret je suis disponible balader vos animaux. N'hésitez pas à me recontacter plus de dét...

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    Morgane , Muret

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  • How do I find animals to keep?

    Do you really want to walk with a dog and have you already done so? Do you love a cat's purr, but can only devote a few hours to it a week?

    The Askaide platform provides you with free classified ads posted by individuals whose pets are bored at home and who are looking for people like you to whom they can temporarily entrust their pet to provide them with affection and joie de vivre.

    You just have to consult our advertisements by specifying next to which city you live. Askaide offers ads in all cities of France (for example in Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Paris, Marseille or Lille), but also in all of Belgium (Brussels, Charleroi, Ghent, Liège, Schaerbeek, Anderlecht, Antwerp, Bruges, Namur or Louvain).

    Our computer system automatically calculates the distances between cities to find the ads closest to you.
  • How to become a pet sitter?

    The name of pet-sitter is, you guessed it, a derivative of the term "baby sitter" already entered into the French vocabulary. It is found written "pet-sitter" or "petsitter". The Anglo-Saxons also use the term "dog-sitter" because it is most often for dogs that this service is offered.

    This profession was born in New York and then quickly spread to major American cities before crossing the Atlantic and arriving in France. The need is always the same: the way of life of pet owners means that they have less and less time to devote to their pet.

    The term pet-sitter refers to the person who takes care of an animal in the absence of its master. Generally, she intervenes at home to walk the animal (most often a dog), sometimes to change a cat's litter, but also to provide care according to the owner's instructions.

    A pet-sitter may also have to take care of NAC (New Pets). It can be a rabbit, a ferret, a rodent, an exotic bird, even a snake... If you want to offer your services as a pet-sitter and certain animals scare you, check the announcement of what type of animal it's about ;-)

    There is no need for a particular diploma to offer your help as a pet-sitter, but pet owners prefer to entrust their pet to someone who already has experience in this field.
  • How to take care of your pet?

    You wouldn't want to entrust your pet to just anyone and that's normal. This is why the Askaide platform offers you a simple and practical solution to help you choose the right companion for your animal.

    We suggest that you create your free account on Askaide, which will then allow you to publish an ad detailing your specific need.

    This can be simply a student who can come every day for one or two hours to take your dog for a walk, or even a person who loves cats who agrees to keep yours at home during your holidays.

    It is up to you to precisely describe the situation in your ad and in which city this service should be provided. For our part, we check the profile of each person who registers on our site to offer their services.

    Askaide takes care of putting you in contact with the most suitable people so that you can decide for yourself whether or not you can trust this future pet-sitter.

    Of course, each profile includes notes and opinions from previous people who have benefited from the services of this pet-sitter. You can thus realize whether it is appropriate to follow up on the proposal of this announcement.

    To enter your pet sitter request ad, please click on the following button:

Annonces de Animal care par ville :

Welcome to our platform dedicated to pet care and pet-sitting services in the main cities of France and Belgium.
Whether you're looking for a pet-sitter to look after your dog during your vacation, a dog walker for regular walks, a home visit to feed your cat, or even a boarding facility for your pets, you've come to the right place. We provide an exhaustive list of qualified professionals to meet your specific needs in terms of pet care.
Whether you reside in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, or any other major city in France, or in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, or any other major city in Belgium, our platform features a geolocation system to quickly find you a pet-sitting service near you. This way, you can leave with peace of mind, knowing that your pets are in good hands.
We strongly believe in the importance of well-being and proper treatment of pets. That's why we are committed to providing caring and personalized service, so that your four-legged companions feel at home in your absence.
Explore our website now to find the best pet-sitting services near you and give your pets the comfort they deserve.

What services to offer in animal care?

The pet-sitter may be required to provide a wide variety of services to pet owners. In your profile sheet, remember to specify which missions you can offer.

Here are some examples of pet-sitter missions:

Spend time with the animal, distract it, make it play
Take the doggie for a nice walk
Feed the animal regularly at home during the absence of the master
Keeping an animal in your boarding house while on vacation
Maintain the animal's living space (cat litter, bird's aviary, aquarium)
Take or pick up the animal from the veterinarian (more rare)

Askaide does not take any commission on animal sittings between individuals and does not ask you for any subscription. We are a free mutual aid platform between individuals and all profits made by advertising are entirely donated to charities.

We verify the identity of each person who submits an application on our site. Once your registration is complete, you can post an ad to indicate what you can do and in which city.

This ad will be offered to people who have requested the help of a pet-sitter and you can then get in direct contact and arrange an appointment.
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