Make a Donation to Askaide Association

Why Donate to Askaide

As you read these lines, other human beings like you are dying of hunger, poverty, without resources and jobs, at the other end of the world or close to your home...

However, helping these distressed families is very easy to do: the Askaide association gathers all donations it receives to bring them to NGOs such as Dignity International. You don't need to be rich in money to make a donation. It's enough to be 'rich at heart', wanting to help your fellow man, to make a gesture so that these deprived populations can regain hope in life.

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek," as Barack Obama said.

A small donation may just be a drop in the ocean, but if you agree to make one too, this drop can become as powerful as a river!

The platform aims to distribute ads for free to individuals who can help each other. Our association hopes to be remunerated through advertisements on the site, but there are so many families in need that this is not enough. We also greatly need your help!

It is important to remember that everyone can make a difference by helping families in need. By supporting the Askaide association, you can help NGOs provide concrete and immediate aid to those in need. Every donation counts and can make a difference in the lives of distressed people. Do not hesitate to open your heart and make a donation on the platform, which allows you to support thousands of people around the world. Together, we can bring a little hope to the lives of those who need it most

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