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DIY can be an exciting and rewarding activity. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced handyman, there's always something new to learn and improve. However, finding the right home assistance for your DIY projects can sometimes be challenging, without having to pay the high price of a specialized company. Fortunately, the Askaide assistance platform is here to help you find the perfect solution in just a few clicks. Askaide connects skilled individuals for all types of DIY projects, allowing you to complete your projects at a lower cost.
Whether you need to fix a leak, install shelves, change a light bulb, or renovate an entire room, there's always someone on Askaide who can help you. Individuals registered on the platform are passionate about DIY and have the necessary skills to complete a variety of projects. By using Askaide, you can enjoy several benefits. First, you save money by avoiding hiring a specialized company for DIY projects. Additionally, you can find a skilled handyman for your DIY projects without searching for long. But that's not all: by using Askaide, you can also meet interesting and skilled people in the DIY field. You can exchange tips and advice with them while building social connections and contributing to a community of assistance.
If you need help with your DIY projects, look no further than Askaide. The platform connects passionate and skilled individuals for all types of DIY work, allowing you to complete your projects at a lower cost and with ease. Join our network now to enjoy all the benefits of our services.

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    Monteur de meubles

    Je m'appelle muday Francis mon métier menuisier je fait du montages de tout types de dressing armoire placard pose de différentes type de parquet PVC massif stratifié contre coller pose de tout types...

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    Francis , Thionville

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    Monteur de meubles

    Je m'appelle muday Francis mon métier menuisier je fait du montages de tout types de dressing armoire placard pose de différentes type de parquet PVC massif stratifié contre coller pose de tout types...

    , Francis profile picture

    Francis , Thionville

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    Seb dépannage

    Bonjour recherche petite bricolage Menuiserie, serrurerie, Vitrerie,etc

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    Sébastien , Elbeuf

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    Portefeuille magique +22960663782 WhatsApp

    Moi c'est Augustin *je suis* Camerounaise J'ai contacter sa majesté grand maitre puissant voyant médium contact : +229 60 66 37 82 WhatsApp disponibles:pour qu'il m'aide à changer ma vie et de réal...

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    Delphine , Paris

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  • Choose a trusted handyman

    The entire team of the Askaide platform is mobilized so that everything happens with full confidence: the identity of each person who registers on our site to offer their DIY skills is checked in the smallest details: contact details, photo, map of identity. Each person who registers undertakes to respect our charter of good conduct.

    Each DIY intervention is noted by the person who benefited from it. You can easily find out the skill level of the handyman who needs to come to your home thanks to the ratings and reviews left by other members of our support community.
  • What useful skills and tools are needed for DIY?

    While some DIY tasks seem within everyone's reach (changing a fuse, repainting a wall, putting up wallpaper), others require real skills, more common among professionals (laying tiles, repairing plumbing, improving the attic insulation…).
    Askaide suggests that you hire people who are self-employed after working for years in a DIY-related trade. It can be a mason, an electrician, a plumber or any other trade.
    These people are often equipped with their own equipment, which is essential for certain DIY jobs. Example: current detector for an electrician or welding station for a plumber.
    Before calling on the services of a DIY specialist, remember to ask him if he has the tools necessary for the intervention.
  • How to find someone for small jobs?

    Whether it's to assemble a piece of furniture, change a light bulb in height, put up wallpaper or even repair a toilet flush, you need a handyman you can trust that you can let into your home without taking any risks.

    Askaide operates on the principle of a mutual aid community. Our DIY section between individuals connects people whose profile and skills have been scrupulously checked. Each brings to the other the help of which he is capable.

    The specialties of each intervention are detailed in their profile. Some will be specialized in everything related to electricity and can easily offer to install an electrical outlet, install a lamp or a light, or install the garlands of your Christmas tree.

    Others will be more used to plumbing work and can come and fix your washing machine, change a drain or replace a tap, at a time that suits you best. No need to block your day unnecessarily!

    If you are looking for someone to mow the lawn or water your flowers in your absence, please consult the advertisements in the Gardening section.

    Askaide receives new offers for home help every day and the choice of our platform continues to grow, each offering their help according to their abilities.

    All you have to do is choose from our DIY help offers

Annonces de DIY par ville :

Employment Platform for DIY and Manual Trades
Welcome to our Askaide platform, designed to help you find job opportunities in the fields of DIY (Do It Yourself), manual labor, craftsmanship, repair, assembly, woodworking, renovation, and maintenance in the major cities of France and Belgium. If you are looking for a job in these sectors or wish to offer your services, our platform is the ideal place for you.
Whether you reside in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes, Montpellier, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, or Lille in France, or in Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi, Liège, Brussels, Schaerbeek, Anderlecht, Bruges, Namur, or Leuven in Belgium, our platform makes it easy to find job opportunities near you. Thanks to our advanced geolocation system, you can easily discover the job offers available in your region.
We understand that the DIY and manual trades sector represents a multitude of professional opportunities, ranging from small repair work to large-scale renovation projects. That's why we are committed to connecting qualified professionals with employers looking for specific skills in these areas. Our goal is to facilitate access to jobs in the handyman and manual trades sector, enabling professionals to develop their careers and employers to find the talents they need.
Browse our site now to explore the various job offers in the field of DIY and manual trades, and begin your professional journey in these dynamic and creative sectors.

How to offer your services for DIY?

Do you have strong DIY skills? For example, are you able to work on the plumbing in an apartment or repair the electricity in a pavilion?
Askaide is a self-help platform between individuals. You can create your account for free and offer your skills in your profile sheet by registering in the DIY services category.
Repainting walls or furniture, installing cupboards, changing a window, repairing an electrical outlet are some of the services that you can offer on our platform in the form of an ad.
You can also consult the requests of individuals looking for a good handyman and respond to them if it matches your skills. Our messaging system will put you in touch and you will only have to define the terms of your intervention. Askaide does not take any commission on the remuneration received.
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