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Solidarity is one of the greatest gifts we can offer our world. By caring for one another, helping each other, and sharing our resources, we create bridges between human beings and build bonds of trust and respect. But solidarity should not be reserved for an elite or privileged group - it should be accessible to all, no matter our differences. By working together for a more just and equitable world, we can bring hope and humanity where there is suffering and division.
Syed Casier
  • Illustrative photo of AskAide's vision
  • Illustrative photo of AskAide's vision
  • Illustrative photo of AskAide's vision

Askaide, The Solidarity Platform at home

The Askaide solidarity platform was born out of a real need: to connect people who seek help on a daily or occasional basis with others who wish to help. How do you find a babysitter, a home helper or even a local and trusted gardener? We bring together a multitude of profiles ready to help! Our desire is to create a strong social bond and a community of individuals united around trust and mutual aid.

On the Askaide platform, it is important to us to spread messages of tolerance, respect and hospitality, but also to encourage humanitarian citizen initiatives.

Our Mission: Humanitarian Aid

Through our platform, we have made it our mission to improve people's daily lives by allowing them to find help or give it a few clicks. But that's not the only reason, by using Askaide to carry out your exchanges, you also help other people in return. Indeed, the money generated by the platform is directly donated to NGOs and partner humanitarian associations. Our goal is to reduce inequalities and help those most in need.

Through your regular use of the platform and/or your donations, you allow Askaide to develop humanitarian aid and we thank you for that.
  • AskAide's mission illustration photo
  • AskAide's mission illustration photo
  • AskAide's mission illustration photo
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