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Askaide, established in 2019 by Syed Casier, is recognized as a revolutionary home help platform. Its key features include being free of charge, available in three languages, and a focus on human-centric services. It promotes solidarity and is accessible in numerous cities across France and Belgium, thereby enabling direct connections between service providers and seekers. The range of services offered by Askaide, from DIY to childcare, reflects its commitment to enhancing community life. We look forward to collaborating with you to make a meaningful difference in our world.
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  • Illustrative photo of AskAide's vision
  • Illustrative photo of AskAide's vision
  • Illustrative photo of AskAide's vision

Askaide, The Solidarity Platform at home

The Askaide solidarity platform was born out of a real need: to connect people who seek help on a daily or occasional basis with others who wish to help. How do you find a babysitter, a home helper or even a local and trusted gardener? We bring together a multitude of profiles ready to help! Our desire is to create a strong social bond and a community of individuals united around trust and mutual aid.

Askaide is a solidarity platform dedicated to home-based mutual aid, uniting those in need of daily assistance with those willing to offer their skills. Our platform facilitates the connection for a multitude of services, ranging from DIY and housekeeping to childcare and senior support. At Askaide, we value trust, mutual aid, proximity, and above all, we are committed to spreading messages of tolerance, respect, and hospitality. We also encourage civic humanitarian initiatives.

Our goal is to simplify access to help, making personal service easy, practical, and solidarity-based. By focusing on creating sustainable and meaningful community ties, Askaide aims to improve daily life by making help accessible to everyone, thus contributing to a more connected and solidary world. Our mission is to enrich community life through a platform that fosters mutual aid and sharing in a spirit of solidarity and communal commitment.

Our Mission: Humanitarian Aid

Askaide facilitates exchanges of services between individuals, transforming each interaction into support for NGOs and humanitarian associations. By using the platform, not only do you find or offer help easily, but every transaction contributes to humanitarian initiatives, reducing inequalities and helping those most in need. Your active participation becomes an essential element of our mission to build a better future.

Explore the Diversity of Services on Our Platform:
DIY: Find experts for all your DIY projects, from small repairs to major renovations. 
Gardening: Beautify your outdoor space with professional gardening services, from planting to maintenance. 
Housekeeper: Simplify your daily life with cleaning, ironing and home organization services. 
Childcare: Ensure the safety and well-being of your children with our qualified and caring childcare services. 
Seniors: Provide comfort and companionship to seniors with our specialized services for seniors, including in-home assistance. 
Medical Care : Access quality medical care at home, from nurse visits to specialty care. 
Animal care: Leave with peace of mind by entrusting your pets to experienced and loving guardians. 
Help with homework: Support your children's academic success with personalized and effective homework help. 
IT help: assistance, troubleshooting: Resolve your IT problems quickly with our IT support and troubleshooting services. 
Guarding: Protect your home while you are away with our reliable security services. 
Welfare: Enjoy wellness services at home, from relaxing massages to beauty and health treatments. 
Administrative assistance for individuals: Simplify your administrative tasks with the assistance of competent professionals. 
Transport: Benefit from practical and safe transport solutions for your personal or professional trips. 
Sports lessons and sports activities: Stay active and in shape with our varied sports classes and supervised sports activities. 
Event: Organize unforgettable events with the help of our professionals, from planning to execution.
  • AskAide's mission illustration photo
  • AskAide's mission illustration photo
  • AskAide's mission illustration photo
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