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Nowadays, continuing education has become a major issue for all professionals and students eager to develop their skills and adapt to an ever-evolving job market. Whether it's for a qualifying training or for academic support, home-based education is an increasingly popular option for many people. The main advantage of home-based education is that it allows learners to work at their own pace and according to their specific needs. Moreover, home tutoring can be adapted to the constraints of the learner, such as their schedule or place of residence. Private tutors at home also offer personalized follow-up and individual attention that can help learners overcome difficulties encountered in class.
However, finding a qualified and experienced private tutor can sometimes be challenging. This is where the Askaide mutual aid platform can be helpful. Askaide freely provides users with ads from people willing to offer their help for home-based training, educational support, or private lessons. Ads are classified by level of education (primary, middle school, high school, university, etc.) and subject (mathematics, French, English, science, etc.). The process is simple: just select the type of training or academic support you need and specify your city or postal code. You can then consult the list of available private tutors and choose the one that best meets your needs. It is important to emphasize that home tutoring does not replace classroom lessons and that maintaining active participation in class is essential to succeed in one's academic or professional training. However, private lessons at home can be an effective solution to overcome difficulties encountered in class or to excel in a specific subject.
Home-based education and private tutoring offer considerable advantages for learners wishing to improve their skills and know-how. Askaide is a practical and free platform to find qualified and experienced private tutors for academic support or qualifying home-based training. Do not hesitate to explore these options to achieve your educational and professional goals.

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    Cours de Français et FLE

    Diplômée d'une licence d'Histoire de l'art et titulaire d'un baccalauréat littéraire, je vous propose un accompagnement personnalisé pour atteindre vos objectifs ! Que ce soit du soutien scolaire,...

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    Émilie , Rennes

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    Soutien scolaire

    Diplômée d'une licence d'Histoire de l'art et titulaire d'un baccalauréat littéraire, je vous propose un accompagnement personnalisé pour atteindre vos objectifs ! Que ce soit du soutien scolaire,...

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    Émilie , Rennes

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    Aide au devoirs

    Soutien scolaire

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    Bintou , Savigny-le-Temple

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    Remise à niveau Maths pendant l'été

    Si vous souhaitez une remise à niveau pour votre enfant pendant l'été afin d'entamer l'été en tout sérénité c'est le moment ! Vous n'avez pas la patience et ça finit toujours en cris ? Pas de problèm...

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    Pauline , Muret

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  • What skills do you need to offer a specific training or course?

    Do you have a good level in maths or foreign languages and a foolproof pedagogy? You have already taught and you want to help children who have difficulty following the teaching given in their school?

    Above all, parents are looking for private teachers who already have teaching experience, preferably for the same level of class as that of their child.

    It is not enough to have important scientific knowledge in a field to be a good teacher of this same field. You also need to know how to transmit your knowledge, that is to say be capable of patience, listening, understanding to put yourself at the level of the person to whom you are going to teach your knowledge.

    It is also advisable to prepare yourself to teach a subject by providing yourself with training materials and by offering your student a schedule that helps him progress in stages.

    Whether it is for an English course at home, an upgrade in mathematics or private lessons on a scientific subject, you will of course have to justify your experience in your profile file, once your account has been created for free on our platform. .
  • Who can offer private lessons at home?

    If you wish to be remunerated for private lessons or training carried out at home, you will then have to opt for a different tax regime depending on whether you practice in France or Belgium.

    Private teachers or independent trainers who intend to practice in France must declare themselves by choosing the status of auto-entrepreneur or that of company (see the tax site).

    Parents who call on a private teacher use, when they can, the financial assistance provided by the French State in the form of a tax credit (see our article on the CESU on this page).

    For Belgium, there is a new scheme called “additional tax-exempt activities” which offers possibilities to parents and pupils seeking extracurricular support. The income obtained through private lessons can be declared directly online on the Belgian website of Associative Work.

    Once these formalities have been completed, all you have to do is create your free account on Askaide and offer your services. No commission will be charged. No subscription will be required.
  • What types of private lessons or training are most in demand?

    Private lessons, just like home training, exist for many areas. In your profile sheet, remember to specify the subjects on which you can offer your services.

    Here are some examples of highly requested private lessons:

    • baccalaureate preparation
    • piano or guitar lessons at home
    • upgrade in English, German or French
    • tutoring in mathematics, physics-chemistry or computer science
    • Help with homework
    • specific courses for "DYS" profiles
    • revisions before the passage of the Patent
    • remedial education for high school or college students

    Askaide does not take any commission on private lessons or home training and does not ask you for any subscription. We are a free mutual aid platform between individuals and all profits made by advertising are entirely donated to charities.
  • How to benefit from a tax credit to finance tutoring?

    A private tutor who works in France as a home employee can submit a Personal Services Approval Request (SAP).

    This approval will allow it to find students more easily and remains valid for 5 years. In addition, it also allows parent employers to pay the private teacher with a CESU:

    If you are a student and you wish to offer private tutoring lessons, you can suggest that parents file their employee employment declaration at home via a CESU (see the URSSAF CESU service website). They will thus be able to benefit from a tax credit of up to 50% of the sums devoted to tutoring their child.

    For Belgium, when the child is in primary or secondary school, many teachers offer remedial lessons, often free.

    If the private lessons are at university or high school level, it is possible to obtain funding assistance via the parents' mutual insurance company.

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Welcome to our platform dedicated to homework assistance and tutoring in the main cities of France and Belgium.
Whether you're looking for an experienced tutor to help your child progress in a specific subject, an online tutoring service, private lessons at home, or even remote homework help, you've come to the right place. We provide an exhaustive list of qualified professionals to meet your specific needs in education and training.
Whether you reside in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, or any other major city in France, or in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, or any other major city in Belgium, our platform features a geolocation system to quickly find you a tutor or tutoring service near you. This way, you can help your child succeed in their studies, wherever you are.
We strongly believe in the importance of education and personalized guidance for every student. That's why we are committed to providing quality tutoring tailored to the needs and goals of each child.
Explore our website now to find the best homework assistance services near you and give your child the tools they need to excel in school.

Offer your private home services and training

Are you a university student or a teacher? Do you want to teach your knowledge to help other people in their own studies?

Our Askaide platform makes it possible to put in direct contact and without commission individuals who can offer private lessons, at home or even remotely, to people looking for help with their studies.

You can offer your help for private lessons by registering for free on Askaide.

Once your account has been validated, all you have to do is complete your profile, detailing what types of private lessons or home training you are going to offer, for which age group, your experience in this field and your diplomas, in which geographical area. and at what price you can intervene.
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