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Namur is a city full of charm located at the confluence of the Meuse and the Sambre. Capital of Wallonia, a French-speaking region of Belgium, it is an important river crossroads which attracts many visitors every year. The city is particularly known for hosting several international events such as the International Francophone Film Festival, the Verdur Rock and Solidarity festival. With approximately 112,500 inhabitants, the people of Namur are a dynamic and diversified population. Nearly 34% of them are under 30, while 36% are over 60. This variety is reflected in the most requested services in the city. In the historic center of Namur, tourists flock to discover the city's cobbled streets, historic buildings and museums. The most requested services in this area are mainly those of security, welfare and transport.
The districts of the first ring and the second ring of the city are less dense and more residential. The gardens are larger and the green spaces more numerous. Residents of these neighborhoods primarily seek gardening, pet sitting and senior care services. Namur is also a university town, which gives it a certain effervescence. The students bring a particular dynamism to the city and actively participate in the cultural and social life of Namur.
In short, Namur is a city rich in history, culture and events. "river city", "international events", "tourism", "university", "gardening", "animal care" and "help for seniors", which makes us want to discover this dynamic and welcoming city.
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    Garde malade

    Bonjour, aide soignante en maison de repos depuis plus de 20 ans, je vous propose mes services comme garde malade

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    Dominique , Namur

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