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Walloon Brabant is one of the ten provinces of Belgium and is located in the Walloon Region, south of Brussels. It is renowned for its historic towns, cultural heritage, green landscapes and local products. The city of Waterloo is known for the famous battle that took place in 1815, but also for its museum dedicated to the Emperor Napoleon. The city of Louvain-la-Neuve is a modern and dynamic university city, with a lively cultural life. Walloon Brabant also has many castles and mansions dating from medieval times, such as the Château de la Hulpe or the Château de la Rocq. Visitors can also admire the abbeys of Villers-la-Ville or La Cambre.
The province of Walloon Brabant is also known for its local products, such as beer, cheese and waffles. Visitors can taste these products in specialized shops and local markets, such as the Wavre market. 'historic town', 'cultural heritage', 'green landscapes', 'castles', 'beer', 'cheese' and 'waffles'.
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