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Gardening can be a pleasant and relaxing activity, but it can also be very demanding. When maintenance tasks become too heavy or time is short, it can be difficult to keep your garden in good condition. That's where the Askaide platform comes in to help you. With Askaide, you can find a gardener to come to your home for free in all seasons to maintain your garden. Gardening help can take many forms, from mowing the lawn, trimming hedges, to doing small landscaping tasks or simply weeding. Members of the Askaide community are kind and competent individuals who are ready to help you with all your gardening tasks.
Using specialized companies can be costly and complicated. You may have to wait several days before the company can intervene, and you will have to adapt to their schedule. With Askaide, everything is much simpler and more convenient. You can choose from the proposals for a gardener to come to your home, get in touch with them, and together define the terms of their intervention. Furthermore, the Askaide platform offers verified member profiles to ensure the safety and quality of services. You can discuss with individuals before making a decision to ensure that the help meets your expectations and that you have found the ideal person to accompany you on a daily basis. The gardening help offered by Askaide is a practical and economical service that allows you to keep your garden in good condition throughout the year without breaking the bank. By choosing Askaide, you trust a caring and supportive community that mobilizes to help you with all the tasks of daily life.
In conclusion, if you are looking for an economical and practical solution for maintaining your garden, do not hesitate to join the Askaide community. You can quickly find a competent and kind gardener to help you maintain your garden in all seasons.

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  • Why choose the Askaide platform for gardening help?

    A platform for gardening assistance in all areas

    Members registered on the Askaide platform submit proposals for gardening assistance for all kinds of garden maintenance. For example :

    • Help in the vegetable garden
    • Decorative layout
    • Garden watering
    • Plant crushing
    • Weeding, clearing
    • Snow removal around the house
    • Exterior lighting
    • Tree pruning
    • Plant and flower care
    • Maintenance of sculptures and decorations
    • Terrace maintenance
    • Pool or fountain cleaning
    • Leaf Pickup, Raking
    • Flowering
    • Lawn mowing
    • hedge trimming

    A free gardening help platform

    Posting an ad is free. Consultation of gardening proposals or requests for gardening assistance is also free. Askaide does not take any commission on the services provided. You can hire a gardener for one-off or recurring jobs.

    If you live in France, you can probably benefit from financial assistance for the employment of home help thanks to the CESU scheme.
    If you live in Belgium, there is a similar funding assistance scheme for personal services. Please consult the Service Checks website.
  • How to choose your home gardener?

    Askaide allows you to find help offers from gardeners registered on its platform. It's up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

    Some are more specialized in cleaning terraces, others in mowing the lawn or collecting leaves. It all depends on the equipment they have and their working habits.

    The general designation of gardener can correspond to very specific skills. For example, to intervene at a height on a tree, it is better to call on a pruner. To redefine the general look of your garden, it will be more a landscaper than a simple gardener.

    How do I ask a gardener for help?

    Consult the gardening help offers free of charge from the search page, then directly contact the gardener whose profile corresponds to your needs.
    Post an ad asking for gardening help. It's free and all you need to do is give a few useful details. Once your ad has been validated, you will receive offers of help directly to your mailbox.

    Be specific in your request for help: indicate the size of your garden, the work to be done, the tools you have, your dates of availability... Anything that can inform your future home gardener.
  • What services are often requested in gardening?

    Secondary residences are not occupied for part of the year and their owners are looking for people who can intervene during their absence. This can range from simple regular watering of the flowers in the garden to more important requests such as the maintenance of the swimming pool or the replacement of plants for example.
    To stay in good condition and retain its aesthetics, any garden needs regular maintenance. The services requested are therefore most of the time recurring services requiring regular intervention in the property.
    If you have recognized skills in gardening, for example to trim hedges, collect and burn foliage, in this case offer your services by creating your free account.
    If your skills are more in technical interventions such as installing lighting in a property or repairing a wall, then offer your services in the DIY category instead.

Annonces de Gardening par ville :

Askaide is a platform for help between individuals. It is free. We put at your disposal the skills of people gifted for gardening, often equipped with the specific tools for the maintenance of the garden and ready to help you.

Our site searches for you all the home gardening offers and helps you select those that are closest to you.

We have announcements both in France (Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes, Montpellier, Strasbourg, Bordeaux or Lille) and in Belgium (Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi, Liège, Brussels, Schaerbeek, Anderlecht, Bruges , Namur or Leuven).

How to offer your help with gardening?

Do you have a talent for gardening? Are you looking for a small job as a gardener? Why not register on Askaide and offer your services?

Askaide's mission is to improve people's daily lives by allowing them to find help in gardening, but also in many other personal assistance activities.

Registration on our platform is completely free. We do not take any commission on your services and no subscription is required. Our remuneration is made solely through the insertion of advertising space and all the gains obtained will be paid in full to NGOs and community partner associations.

Of course, you can offer a price for each of your interventions when posting your ads on the site. Every task deserves its effort. By registering on our platform, you will be able to find small one-off services, but sometimes also a side job over the longer term.
  • A free platform to find help with gardening, from the vegetable patch to trimming hedges. Search by city in France and Belgium. Free registration to offer its services without commission.

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