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Have you ever been overwhelmed by paperwork and administrative tasks? If so, you are not alone. Nowadays, administrative procedures are becoming increasingly complex and often require technical expertise in both computer and administrative skills. That's why the peer-to-peer support platform, Askaide, has created a section dedicated to administrative assistance between individuals. Whether you need to digitize, classify or send documents to the administration, the task may seem insurmountable for someone who is not used to using a computer. Askaide offers you competent individuals to help you with all these administrative tasks, whether it's to assist you in using specific software or to provide you with tips for managing your administrative papers.
But that's not all. If you need more specialized administrative assistance, Askaide can also help you find individuals with expertise in secretarial work, accounting, or official document writing. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a qualified person to perform these tasks, but with Askaide, you can easily find someone who meets your needs.
The process is simple: just post an ad in the administrative assistance section, detailing your specific needs. Competent individuals interested in your ad will then contact you to offer their services. You can exchange with them to discuss your needs and to set the terms of work. Askaide allows you to quickly and easily find the help you need. By choosing Askaide for your administrative assistance, you can save money by avoiding expensive specialized companies. In addition, you can find individuals passionate about administration who are happy to share their expertise with you. This can also help you strengthen your network of contacts and meet interesting people.
In conclusion, Askaide's administrative assistance section is a simple and affordable solution for all your administrative tasks. Whether it's for simple tasks such as filing your papers or for more specialized work, Askaide connects you with competent and passionate individuals to meet your needs. Don't hesitate to join the Askaide community today and simplify your administrative procedures.

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    J'offre une aide dans l'administration. J'ai une année d'expérience.

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    Vinciane , Watermael-Boitsfort

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    Je souhaite avoir une aide dans une démarche administrative

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    Inspiring Girls est une association à but non lucratif appartenant à une initiative internationale, représentée dans plus de 26 pays. Sa mission est de promouvoir l’ambition professionnelle des jeunes...

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    Divers travaux de jardinage à effectuer, tonte de pelouse, désherbage etc... Une fois par mois

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  • What types of administrative assistance require a degree?

    Accounting services

    Some administrative services to individuals require obtaining a diploma. This is the case for the home accountant (also called freelance accountant) who must have at least one of the following titles:

    • CAP accountant
    • Accounting Technician Certificate
    • Degree in Management and Accounting

    Translation services
    The profession of home translator does not require a diploma, but a level of university studies such as Bac+3 (Bachelor's degree in language) seems to be the minimum.
    With the progress made by translation software, it becomes essential to be specialized in a specific field and therefore to have good professional experience in this field.
  • Who can offer administrative assistance to individuals?

    There are various public or private organizations whose vocation is to help the public in carrying out its administrative procedures. The CAF, the CPAM, Pôle Emploi or the Tax Services do their best to provide this assistance depending on the type of procedure. There are also Public Service Centers (MSAP) and France Services agencies.

    If you want to call on an individual for an intervention at your home, or simply because he will be more attentive to you than a classic public service, Askaide offers on its mutual assistance platform profiles of people specialized in administrative assistance.

    It's up to you to choose the profile that seems to best suit your needs. This can be, for example, to get in touch with your gas or electricity suppliers (it has sometimes become complicated). It can also be to assist you in filling out an administrative form and sending it via the Internet.

    Some of our members have worked as accountants and can help you optimize your expenses or manage your accounts if you are self-employed as a self-employed entrepreneur, for example.

    If you have difficulty with writing, you can also find administrative help for writing documents or correcting them. This profession is still known under the term of public writer and allows many services to be rendered.

    Finally, if you are a freelance translator, you can offer your help to private individuals from a foreign country, from whom the French or Belgian administration requires translations of official documents.
  • What types of administrative services are most in demand?

    There is a strong demand for mediation services between individuals and the administration. This is explained by the introduction of voice answering machines which lead to the disappearance of human participants who can answer questions made by telephone.

    Here are some examples of high-demand administrative services:

    • correctly complete an administrative form
    • explain the administrative documents received and respond to them
    • direct the individual to the right administrative contact
    • translate an official document into its French version
    • create the accounting documents requested by the tax services

    The elderly and those who have not been able to adapt to computer tools (for example people with disabilities or those living in rural areas) are those who most often call on administrative assistance at home. France, like Belgium, is facing what the media call the digital divide.

    Sometimes the requested service seems very simple and comes down to submitting a form via the Internet. For a young person accustomed to handling a mobile phone or consulting the Internet, it seems very simple to carry out this type of procedure: all you have to do is connect to the right website, identify yourself or create your account, then follow the instructions on the screens to finally send the document in PDF format.

    For an untrained person, these steps each have insurmountable pitfalls: how to create an account? What is my password? How to click in the right place on the screen? Where is the document to be sent as an attachment?

    Askaide is a mutual aid platform between individuals which was created precisely to avoid this anxiety for generations not trained in computers. If you need administrative help, we can easily put you in touch with someone who can come to your rescue and make your life easier.
  • Is there financial aid for home administrative help?

    In France, you can obtain financial aid if you call on home administrative help by declaring the person who intervenes as a home employee and therefore make a Request for Approval of Personal Services (SAP).

    Like any personal service, expenses incurred for home administrative assistance can be deducted from your income tax up to 50% of the sums incurred.

    In Belgium, you can get help from a Public Center for Social Action (CPAS) depending on your municipality, which can examine the type of help to offer you according to your income.

Annonces de Administrative assistance to individuals par ville :

Askaide has advertisements in all the cities of France (for example in Paris, Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Marseille, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Strasbourg or Montpellier), but also throughout Belgium (Bruges, Namur, Brussels, Liège, Charleroi , Ghent, Anderlecht, Antwerp, Leuven or Schaerbeek).

Our programs calculate the distances between cities to find the ads closest to you, in order to avoid any transport costs.

You can also filter your search by typing in key terms such as 'Filing papers', 'tax expert', 'writing work', 'translator', 'accountant'.

What skills are needed to offer administrative assistance services?

To offer your help in administrative assistance, it is preferable that you have writing skills in French or that you have already done accounting in a professional capacity if you plan to offer this type of service.

Askaide offers administrative help ads in both France and Belgium. Depending on your country of residence, a good knowledge of the administrative workings of each of these countries will be an important asset.

A very good practical knowledge of the use of a computer and the transmission of information via the Internet has become essential with the digitization of administrative formalities. For many elderly people, this computerization of administration is often perceived as an insurmountable handicap.

If you plan to intervene in the homes of these people, you will need to equip yourself with a laptop and a mobile phone that can scan documents by taking pictures of them. Your computer must be equipped with at least a word processor capable of converting any document to PDF format, the format most commonly requested by the administration.
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