Welcome to Askaide

What is Askaide? 

Askaide is above all about life stories. The stories of people who have difficulties finding a job and those who are looking for help in their daily lives. In order to articulate all this in one place, Askaide was born. Our social platform is designed far individuals looking for home assistance and helps them find the right person for whatever service they are looking for. On the other hand, it allows individuals who are looking for a job to offer their services in one click. 

Who is behind Askaide? 

Let me introduce myself, I am Syed Casier and I have been doing voluntary humanitarian work for several years, especially in Africa. But, my story is also that of an ordinary man busy with both his work and his family life. So it's not easy to find time for everything. Like most parents, I have had difficulties finding a babysitter or a housekeeper because of a lack of time or a lack of information. Through Askaide, I want to help you find a job or help you to save time in your day. But most importantly, I want to give you the opportunity to help in return. 

Askaide's ambitions? 

We want to create a real community of individuals united around trust, mutual aid and solidarity. It is important for us to spread messages of tolerance, respect and hospitality but also to encourage humanitarian initiatives. For that purpose, we created a virtuous circle. Thanks to Askaide, we give individuals the opportunity to get help or services. In exchange, they allow others to work. All these actions are carried out with the aim of serving a beautiful cause. Indeed, the money generated by the platform is directly donated to NGOs and humanitarian associations. 

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